Sophos and Mapúa University to develop next generation of cybersecurity talent

Sophos will also provide hardware devices and virtual machines for Mapua’s student labs.

Sophos and Mapúa University entered an agreement to offer cybersecurity courses and training for Mapúa students. The partnership aims to enhance students’ skills and knowledge on cybersecurity while helping to prepare them for a smooth transition from college to the workforce. 

The partnership will start with Sophos providing train-the-trainer-style education on XG Firewall for Mapúa faculty members. Once they have attained Sophos certification, Mapúa professors will be equipped with the skill set to impart their new cybersecurity expertise to students through structured university curriculum. Students will be able to sit Sophos exams to obtain cybersecurity industry certification. 

Sophos will also provide hardware devices and virtual machines for Mapua’s student labs. 

Mapúa University’s School of Information Technology dean Ariel Kelly D. Balan said, “We are excited to partner with Sophos to align and develop our curriculum in preparing our students for the working world. As a country, we’re taking cybersecurity seriously, and it is important to us that our students are equipped with the right knowledge and skills to become valuable employees for businesses looking to protect against the evolving threat landscape.” 

Sumit Bansal, managing director, Sophos ASEAN, said, “The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving and cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated every day. As a result, there is greater demand in the Philippines for cybersecurity professionals to keep the country safe from cyber threats as its continues its digital transformation journey. Through our partnership with Mapúa, we hope to provide greater access to the right learning tools and experts in this field, so students can further optimize their employment opportunities upon graduation.” 

This partnership with Mapúa University complements Sophos’ investment into developing IT professionals in the Philippines as it continues to grow its team of application developers and quality assurance specialists.  

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