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Rising business trends for the Filipino entrepreneur

The future success of a business will become more lucrative when combined with unique business ideas that are predicted to be the trend in 2020 and the next few years to come.

There are 924,721 business enterprises all over the Philippines, based on the List of Establishments of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), today. Within that number, about 99.56 percent of these businesses belong to the Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector. The astounding number of MSMEs in the country represents how the government fully supports anyone who wants to start a small business.

Anyone who is driven, knowledgeable, hardworking, and patient can turn their passion into a profitable business venture. While these traits are sure-fire ways to launch a successful business, the future success of a business will become more lucrative when combined with these unique business ideas that are predicted to be the trend in 2020 and the next few years to come. 

IT Outsourcing Services

The economy can be unpredictable. That is why more businesses are trying to reduce their costs without affecting the operations. Because of this, enterprises opt to hire freelance contractors to back-office functions, such as remote IT-related jobs. Starting an outsourcing agency will fill in the demand for such services for local and international clients. They could either offer per-project jobs that will end once the task has been fulfilled. Another great idea is to provide managed services where the agency and the client will have a proactive agreement to finish all the tasks that both parties agreed upon.  

App Testing Services

Almost all businesses have mobile-friendly apps and e-commerce websites. However, most of them often encounter different issues once they launched their online presence. One of the main reasons this happens is often because of businesses neglecting to test their apps and websites thoroughly. As a result, this important step may cost them both time and money to fix and delay further success. To avoid this, testing services from a third-party provider could be availed to make sure that every aspect of the apps and websites are working properly before unveiling it to the public.   

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Markets Related To Pets

The Philippine Canine Club recorded a current total of 1,255,223 registered pure-bred dogs in the country. This opened up a huge demand for veterinary care and grooming services for beloved pets. Some of the most innovative business ideas for this market include pet sitting facilities and on-call veterinary consultations. Budding entrepreneurs may also launch pet costume-making services or mobile pet grooming trucks. Not to mention, a pet food delivery service is also a great idea for local-focused businesses.

These are just some of the most clever business ideas that could be big in 2020. Those who want to grab the opportunity to build a money-generating business in the coming year must consider these game-changing concepts. As long as they take their time to research these ideas, their new business will thrive and become a success. 


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