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5 Useful things to do with a junk car

Do you have a broken down car hogging space on your property? It might still be useful! Here’s a guide on getting the most out of a junk car.

There are over 264 million cars in America today. If yours is in this tally, it will become inoperable at some point.

When a car outlives its usefulness, most people are unsure of what direction to take with the vehicle.The good news is, your old piece of treasure might still be useful.

Wondering how?

Here is a guide on what to do with your junk car.

1. Sell It as a Used Car

If the car is still usable and in a fair condition, you can sell it off to an individual or an auto dealer.

There are many used cars in the market, so you probably won’t get the favorable prices you would have gotten a few years back. Still, the little you can get accounts for something.

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If you are in a position to, spruce it up a little bit before selling it. Changing up a few things here and there to improve its performance and aesthetic appeal especially a good sanding and paint job – for that, check out the best sanders to remove paint – can get you a much better price.

People are a bit apprehensive about buying used cars because they fear the car might be in bad condition. Including your car’s service history can ease these fears and get you a good buyer much faster.

Mention items such as security features, a sound system, and the availability of the manufacturer’s car care booklet.

If you sell to a salvage yard, they can make the process easier for you by coming to collect the junk from your house. See how much you can get from a salvage yard here.

Here are some tips for selling a used car.

  • Get the word out through your friends, relatives, neighbors, and workmates
  • Park it facing the street with a ‘for sale’ sign on it
  • Drive it around with a ‘for sale’ sign on it. This gets more eyes on it 
  • Advertise it in the dailies and local commercial sites
  • Use your social media for advertising
  • Ensure to initiate the car’s ownership details

As you advertise, be sure to have pictures and to give accurate information on the condition of the car.

2. Trade in Your Junk Car

If you don’t want the hassle of trying to sell off your car, consider trading it in.

You might not be able to recoup as much from trading it in as you would by selling your car directly, but it will sure save you time and the trouble of having to find buyers yourself.

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The dealer might not pay top dollar for it because they are in the business of making profits. However, your negotiation skills will come in handy and will determine what you will eventually get.

However, before settling on a dealer, make sure that they are trustworthy. It is not uncommon for shrewd business people to want to fleece junk car owners. Also, make sure that their offer is reasonable.

If they start the negotiation with a very low figure, you are unlikely to get much out of your car. Do not be afraid to walk out if you are offered a price that is far from the value of your old car.

Nonetheless, nothing is cast in stone when it comes to sales. Ensure you bargain and negotiate the best deal possible.

Similarly, ensure to drive the car to the auto dealer. This speaks to the general condition of the car and might fetch you a better price.

Once the deal is done, transfer the ownership to the dealership. Without doing this, you might still be liable in the event that something happens with the car.

3. Remove All Sellable Parts

Another viable option is to harvest and sell parts.

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If you or someone accessible to you are good with cars, you can remove the parts of your car that you can sell easily, or use in another car.

Trim pieces, lights, wheels, seats, and sound systems are a good place to start.
Car enthusiasts, mechanics, and people who put cars together as a hobby are always in the market for genuine original car parts.

Artists also buy car shells and turn them into metallic art pieces.

4. Scrap It

If your car is immobile, too run down or you have harvested the parts, you can still sell it as scrap.

About 80% of your car can be recycled. The U.S recycles 25 million tons of car parts each year.

This reduces the amount of scrap that would otherwise end up in landfills.

If your rickety car is scrapped, the buyer will probably not charge you for coming to collect it from your home.

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Before scrapping a car, however:

  • Verify if you need to initiate the change of ownership so that the car is no longer your liability
  • Look at a few buyers and see which one gives you the best price

When selling, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company to prevent being conned.

5. Donate It to a Deserving Party

Donating your old, functional car is a win-win for both parties.

The recipient gets a car for free, and you rid yourself off of your car. In some instances, donating an old car can get you a tax write off as well. Make sure you keep the receipt for the donation. Most reputable tax filing programs will already be set up to handle tax-deductible donations.  

However, donating is only feasible if the car is in fairly good condition. If it keeps breaking down, then the recipient will spend a lot with the constant fixes.

Over time, the car will be more of a burden than a ‘gift.’

Nonetheless, if you are adamant about donating it, you can sell the car for scrap and donate the proceeds to an institution of your choice.

Looking to Get Rid of a Beaten-Up Car?

There you have it.

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Five things you can do with that junk car in your yard. Aside from freeing up some space, your old car can make you some cash, or go into the payment of a new one.

As with everything else, do some research into these options to find out where you would find the best deals. Similarly, compare different offers before settling on one.

Talk to an auto dealer near you today and see what you can get for your junk.


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