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Online shopping habits of internet users in PH

Mobile commerce is booming globally and it turns out Filipinos joined the trend.

According to a report released by Picodi.com, a global e-commerce platform providing discount coupons for online stores, half of transactions were made with the use of a mobile device last year. When Filipinos did shopping with the use of a phone, the average order value was ₱3,997. It’s about ₱382 more than when using desktops (₱3,615) and ₱138 less when using tablets (₱4,135). iOS users spend more than Android users — ₱4,605 vs ₱3,958 on average.

The important question is who shops online more — men or women? The report shows that there were more purchases made by Filipino women than those made by men, 62% and 38% respectively.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the young generation that prefers online shopping. More than half of all online shoppers (52%) are people between the ages of 25 and 34. They’re followed by people aged 18-24 (26%) and 35-44% (13%). The remaining 9% are consumers who are over 45 years old.

Busy end of the year

According to the research, the average order value of a Filipino shopper is the highest in June (₱5,409), followed by May and March (₱4,494 and ₱4,143 accordingly).

Compared to that, the average order value of a moderate ₱3,604 in November might come as a surprise. After all, that’s when Black Friday and 11.11 take place. The answer is rather easy. Even though their baskets are smaller during that time, Filipinos shop in a number of different online stores and place more orders. So if you look at the shopping activity, it turns out November has the highest number of transactions — 15.4% of all the transactions made during the year.

The same number of transactions was noted in December (15.4%), followed by January (13.2%). Last-minute Christmas shoppers might have greatly contributed to such a high number in the former month. The lowest number of transactions was noted in July (2.3%) with the average order value amounting to ₱3,618.

Consumers in the Philippines shop the most on Friday. Filipinos definitely prefer to shop in the afternoon: the peak of sales occurs between 12 PM and 6 PM.

The most popular categories for online shopping among Filipinos were: food on delivery, clothing, grocery, cosmetics & perfumes and electronics.

The report analysed data from 35 countries and compared the devices people use to shop online and the average order value. The Philippines, with 49% of orders made on mobile devices, is among the countries where mobile shopping is on the rise. Peru tops the ranking with 76% of online purchases made with the use of smartphones. Close behind are Nigeria and Thailand (62% and 56%).

When it comes to the average order value, Filipinos with their US$73 (₱3,812) rank lower than the world’s average, which is US$79. Emiratis spent the most money per order — astonishing US$218. And it looks like Hungarians and Turks don’t like to spend a lot in one go. They are at the bottom of the ranking with US$32 and US$38 respectively.

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