A guide to changing your career later on in life

Take some time to learn how to sell yourself at an interview. It is all too easy to downplay your achievements in an effort to not come across as being arrogant, but you need a find a way to display your talents and skills that you are comfortable with.

The job you work, whatever it may be, will take up the vast majority of your time as an adult. For this reason alone, it is incredibly important to make sure you are pursuing a career that you genuinely enjoy.

Due to circumstance beyond your control, you may have found yourself settling for a job that isn’t what you really want to be doing, just to make ends meet but it does not have to stay this way. Changing your career later on in life is not only possible but is an option that is gaining popularity as an increasing number of people decide to put themselves first.

Nonetheless, making such a significant change in your life can be a daunting one and sometimes people can get put off by the fear of the unknown. However, the best things in life are often going to be the things that scare you, hence why they call it a leap of faith.

To get you off to a strong start, this guide is going to give you some of the essential information and advice you will need to change your career no matter what your age is.

Why change your career later in life?

To begin with, you need to be sure that you want to change your career as it is a big journey to undertake. One useful thing you can do to make up your mind is to consider what the benefits of changing your career path could have in your life.

One of the main factors that draw people towards wanting to change is the opportunity to be happier. Can you imagine what your life would be like getting up every day excited for what you are going to be doing at work rather than just waiting for your shift to end?

Alongside this, a career change into a job you are passionate about can also lead to a reduction in stress. Working in an industry that you don’t care about just to keep the money coming in can make you unhappy and often will leave you overworked and unfulfilled.

Now that you have a better idea of why you should seek out a new career, you need to find out how to change your career, in terms of the exact steps you need to take. If you are serious about this, then you need to have a well thought out plan so that you can continue to support yourself as you prepare for your new life.

Training is something you can get passionate about

The best way to get a good start in a new industry is to get a useful qualification. One of the most useful qualifications you can get will be a degree, so the main thing you need to decide on is the subject you want to study.

With even the most minimal research, you can easily see the full range of things you can do with electrical engineering. The technology industry is one of the most secure professions to get into as innovations in the field constantly upgrade modern life. The skills you gain through a degree in electrical engineering are easily transferable between different trades, giving you some flexibility when it comes to making plans for your future.

When it comes to the best place to get your electrical engineering degree online, Michigan Tech is one of the premium providers.

The great thing about being able to do your training and get your qualification online is that it allows you to stay where you are and work at your own pace. If you still need to work part-time to support your family or partner, you can spread out your learning. However, if you are able to concentrate on your degree ore fully, you can get through the entire course in just five semesters and emerge with a new trade to take into the job market.

Brush up on your interviewing skills

Now that you have a new qualification under your belt, you can start looking for jobs that are going to make you begin to love Monday’s once again. Writing your CV will be a breeze now that you have your new skill set, but it is always a good idea to brush up on how to make your writing engaging and sell yourself to bag that interview.

Once you have landed your first interview for your new career, you need to be ready to make a great first impression. This begins by knowing what to wear for an interview.

The first thing to think about is the type of place you are going for your interview. If you are meeting someone from a young tech start-up to have a chat in the local café, going to meet them in a full suit and tie might be too formal and make you look out of touch. Instead, opting for a smart casual look, such as a button up shirt, smart jeans, and either dress shoes or heels will help you better connect with them. On the other hand, if you are going for a high up position in a corporate setting, making sure that you have ironed all your clothes, neatly styled your hair, and keep any jewelry to a minimum, which will allow you to come across as the best version of yourself.

Finally, take some time to learn how to sell yourself at an interview. It is all too easy to downplay your achievements in an effort to not come across as being arrogant, but you need a find a way to display your talents and skills that you are comfortable with.

Try practicing talking about yourself in front of a mirror or getting a friend to run a mock interview with you beforehand to get some advice and used to speaking about yourself positively. Learning how to talk confidently can be difficult, but a good rule is to take a breath and remember that it is okay to pause to think of your answer to any questions you may be asked.

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