New app helps parents monitor their child’s location and internet activities

It has always been family first that set Filipinos apart from the rest of the world but,  has connectivity and modern technology changed the dynamics of the Filipino family?

Even psychologists have been warning parents about the dangers of using technology as their kids’ pacifier. Recent studies by experts confirmed that spending more than two hours in front of screens every day can lead to overall physical and mental deterioration, depression, poor social skills, academic under-achievement and aggression.

Tony Fawaz, CEO and Founder of Visible Internet.

Parents in need of support in rearing their children can now link up through the help of Visible Internet’s modern technology.

Visible Internet, the leader in online parenting, launches the “Visible Internet” app, an app centred on the strong Filipino family culture, ensuring that parents remain the guiding influence in their children’s lives.

“Visible Internet is a tool designed around parent-child relationships in the digital age. Its seamless integration into the busy lives of parents means little hassle on their part, yet allowing them to be present in the crucial years of childhood development,” said Tony Fawaz, CEO and Founder of Visible Internet.

“The most important element missing in the internet lives of children are the parents and research has proven that children make better choices, perform better at school and are more focused on the things that matter in their lives when they know their parents are involved,” He laments.

According to Fawaz, “ Technology and the internet isolate children from their parents. So when children need their parents the most, they are left to deal with serious distractions, temptations and complex internet issues by themselves.”

However, the information technology age presents the parent of today with numerous challenges. The rise of the internet has made communication, entertainment, socializing and work, highly individualised activities and this has frayed the family fabric. 

But then again, the internet holds vast potential and cannot be ignored. Is has presented children with opportunities unthinkable just a few years ago, and plays a crucial role in their learning and development. If used properly, these tools can greatly help children in their growth.

“The biggest target are teens and tweens, who are cut-off from the nurture and care of their parents when they need it the most. At the same time, they are faced with an online world that is harsh and detrimental to their development. Using Visible Internet, parents can lead and direct their children away from the internet’s negative and distracting influence,” Fawaz  added

How it works

Visible Internet comprises a number of components all interlinked and working together as a technology bridge between parents and children, producing a magical outcome by helping parents understand what is truly going on in the lives of children. The end result is children leading strong and productive lives.

  • Installing the child app enables parental access to the location and screen activity of the child’s device. 
  • The parent app user-interface is formatted making interaction with the child easy, fun and informative. 
  • The parent can pinpoint the child’s location and view all internet activity on demand or regular intervals.
  • The images are broadcasted to the parent app as camera role images that can be expanded for easy viewing and logged as historical data.

Visible Internet is a multi-platform technology working across all the technology children use – iOs iPhones,iPad, Android smart phones and tablets, Mac (iMac computer), Windows and Chrome book laptop and PC.

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