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NetFoundry announces partnership with NodeWeaver

Together, NodeWeaver and NetFoundry will deliver a seamless, simple and secure customer experience, every time.

NetFoundry announced its partnership with NodeWeaver to provide agile, secure, performant and simple connectivity between customer edge and cloud fabrics which is pre-integrated into NodeWeaver tools providing customers with ease of use and simplified handling.

Customers expect an easy-to-use, customizable, reliable and performant experience. Together, NodeWeaver and NetFoundry will deliver a seamless, simple and secure customer experience, every time.

NodeWeaver is a zero-management edge cloud fabric – integrating storage, networking and virtualization in a software-only full-featured hyperconverged infrastructure solution that is optimized for the edge and built to deliver full datacenter capabilities on nearly any x86-based hardware. It has an easy to use interface and a management system that automates most tasks and streamline activities.

“NodeWeaver’s zero-management cloud fabric delivers the agile edge to cloud management capabilities required to drive digital transformation and IIoT. As integrated with NetFoundry’s edge to cloud connectivity solutions for application specific networking, we deliver a seamless, simple and secure customer experience for modern DevOps based application deployments. NetFoundry and NodeWeaver provide unique capabilities, which together solve our customer’s challenges and can transform the way the world connects to applications”, said Michael Kochanik, Global Head of Revenue and Alliances at NetFoundry.

NodeWeaver is now capable of deploying NetFoundry mesh networks between edge nodes, which are driving IIoT. This enables NodeWeaver customers to instantly spin up secure, software-only AppWANs directly between their environments over existing Internet connections without sacrificing security or speed.

“NetFoundry complements perfectly our vision of scalable, self-managing computing at the edge by turning the edge into a universal ether – an unlimited and transparent network fabric that connects all the individual NodeWeaver instances and the virtual resources created on top into a secure network. NodeWeaver and NetFoundry allow for the creation of a single, unified computing and network layer, that goes from the smallest IoT nodes up to datacenter and cloud infrastructure,” said Carlo Daffara, CEO of NodeWeaver.

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