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Tips for passing GMAT exam for MBA college admissions

For the business students and undergrads looking to expand upon their academic and career prospects, the GMAT test is vital as it is the prerequisite for almost every business school you will apply to. Just like any other competitive exam, you will have to prepare yourself for GMAT and manage your time accordingly to devote several hours of preparation every week if not every day.

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By Lily Asis

There are some tests in our life that are bound to have a major impact, and the GMAT exam is no exception. It is one of the most competitive tests in the world of education, and it is a primary requirement of a number of top universities and colleges around the globe. Just like you require SAT to qualify for undergraduate programs in different educational institutes, you will require GMAT to acquire admission into postgraduate programs.

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For the business students and undergrads looking to expand upon their academic and career prospects, the GMAT test is vital as it is the prerequisite for almost every business school you will apply to. Just like any other competitive exam, you will have to prepare yourself for GMAT and manage your time accordingly to devote several hours of preparation every week if not every day.

In this article, we will cover some of the aspects of the GMAT exam in order to educate you about the general concept of GMAT: why it is so important and what the test includes. We will provide you with useful information on the subject, which will allow you to confidently go and start your journey to the top of the corporate ladder.

So, Why GMAT?

The GMAT exam is an industry standard for many reasons. One of the main reasons for its importance in business studies is the comprehensive syllabus that it covers in order to judge a student’s ability to work at the top level now and in the future.

The test is based on two main subjects: English and Mathematics, but it is not limited to them; the exam also includes some parts where the candidate’s verbal, analytical, and quantitative reasoning skills are tested. The test has four parts:

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  1. Verbal Section
  2. Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Integrated Reasoning

Verbal Section

This part of the exam deals with the candidate’s ability to understand, comprehend, and analyze any given information and thus it is rightly called the ‘Reading Comprehension’ part. Here you have to demonstrate excellent skills in reading and grammar so that you can clearly show to the examiner that you are ready to communicate and operate in a high-intensity environment without missing out any key information.

This part of the exam comprises of 41 questions that need to be completed in seventy-five minutes. It’s a tough ask, but for someone who is confident and prepared well for the test, it won’t be too difficult to solve.

Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA)

This part of the test is the essay part. It requires you to write one essay in thirty minutes. It usually requires the candidate to critically analyze an argument that is presented and then comment on its validity by agreeing or disagreeing with it. The maximum you can score on this part is 6, which is considered the highest score while the lowest marking is 1, which means your essay was not convincing enough and was below the par.

Quantitative Reasoning

As the name suggests, this part of the exam tests your ability to solve algebra, arithmetic, and geometry questions. You need to demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in these subject areas. You will be presented with mathematical problems, which you will have to solve successfully in order to clear your GMAT. There will be thirty-seven questions, which need to be completed in seventy-five minutes.

Integrated Reasoning

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This part of GMAT tests your ability to decipher and handle the information that is provided in different diagrammatical or graphical ways. You will have to evaluate the data provided to you and answer twelve different questions. The Integrated Reasoning section has a time of 30 minutes to complete.

Thorough Preparation Is a Key to Success

In order to be successful at the GMAT test and score to your highest potential, you will have to be serious about preparing for it. Taking it easy and just waking up in the GMAT arena will not be enough and is probably the best recipe to failure.

As a responsible person, who takes his career and student life seriously, you should accommodate time from your schedule to prepare for GMAT. You need to carefully plan a schedule to take out the time to look at the GMAT preparation material and practice questions to have an idea about the actual exam.

There is a lot of practice materials available on the Internet such as social media groups and forums where you can find good advice from students who successfully cleared the test. These forums and groups come a lot in handy for a newbie at as he can learn from other people’s experiences about the exam.

If you feel the need, you can also study the ExamSnap GMAT practice test. You may also rely on exam dumps or practice tests for your preparation, or you can find online GMAT preparation classes. However, it is solely up to you how you go about planning your preparation process.

Some Final Words

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The GMAT test is probably one of the hardest and the toughest exams for any business undergrads life. It determines where your career is headed and even if you are not able to clear the test at your first attempt it doesn’t mean the end of the road.

The GMAT exam opens up a vast number of career opportunities because the students who go on to pursue a master degree in the future end up faring better than those who enter the job market with only a bachelor degree to their name.

However, the journey is not easy and requires your unshaken attention and dedication. Many students fail GMAT, and that is a fact. It is the test, which separates the best candidates from the rest and opens up many doors for them in the future. Prepare well, trust your instincts, train your brain, and go attempt the GMAT test and we are optimistic that you will be successful.


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