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Electrolux launches new products in Phl market

Electrolux Philippines introduced in its UltimateCare Front Load range of washing machines and latest line of Cyclonic Care Top Load washing machines new technologies that are capable of retaining the softness, shape and color of clothes and fabrics, less wear and tear of clothes and having low noise while saving on energy use.

This year, the company initiated the FashionCare campaign, a new way of washing with the introduction of latest Electrolux washing machines designed to fit into the lifestyle of the modern mother and boast with features suited for all kinds of clothes.

According to Nelson Cabanban, GM of Electrolux Philippines, they want to help families care for their clothes, which will give them confidence to face the world. Electrolux is committed to creating appliances and experiences that make everyday life more enjoyable and more comfortable, he said.

The Electrolux UltimateCare Front Load washing machine is equipped with Ultramix technology that delivers better stain and dirt removal without resulting to color fading, shrinkage and misshaping of clothes. In this technology, detergent and water are pre-mixed in a special chamber before the start of the cycle to maximize cleaning power at a lower temperature, and provides 31% better color care.

Another innovation the UltimateCare Front Load washing machine offers is the Vapor Action which helps soften fabrics while reducing allergens by up to 99.9%. The washing machine also uses the Eco Inverter technology that provides energy efficiency and quality performance with minimal vibration, resulting to a 75% reduction in energy consumption and saves time by 44%.

The newest line of Electrolux Cyclonic Care Top Load series of washing machines which provides more care and less wear and tear of clothes was also unveiled. With its Cyclonic Tub Clean feature where the tub and pulsator rotate simultaneously to create a scrubbing action, the washing machine provides care for clothes through the Cyclonic Care Pulsator and the Prism Drum.

The Cyclonic Care Pulsator works by generating an upward water flow to help clothes circulate properly and reduce friction. The Prism Drum, on the other hand, splits the dirt from the clothes the way a prism splits light, leading to a tangle-free wash that is gentler on clothes. The Cyclonic Care line also has a wool function, a feature that dries woolens with care.

The Cyclonic Care range of washing machines also comes with Inverter technology that can save energy consumption and lower noise.

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