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SAP Learning Hub launches editions for solution-specific proficiency

The latest editions help boost productivity by keeping employee skill levels high and knowledge current for new implementations as well as solutions already in production.

SAP SE launched SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, for eight specific SAP solution areas. The new editions are focused on helping those involved in SAP solution implementation projects in small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) within the SAP ecosystem and partners. The latest editions help boost productivity by keeping employee skill levels high and knowledge current for new implementations as well as solutions already in production.

SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, include eight different editions, each specific to a SAP solution portfolio.

The solutions editions of SAP Learning Hub are:

  • Edition for SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • Edition for cloud and data platforms
  • Edition for procurement and networks
  • Edition for analytics
  • Edition for customer engagement and commerce
  • Edition for IoT and digital supply chain
  • Edition for HR
  • Edition for finance

“Following the success of our existing editions of SAP Learning Hub, we wanted to further our commitment to empowering our specialized partners and small and midsize customers with training tailored to their unique implementation needs,” said Bernd Welz, executive vice president and chief knowledge officer, SAP Products and Innovation, SAP. “With the introduction of SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, we are ensuring that all our customers – no matter their size or solution needs – have access to the training they need to implement and use SAP solutions successfully.”

SAP Learning Hub, solution editions, deliver effective learning focused on individual solutions. As with SAP Learning Hub, professional edition, the solution editions help learners achieve full solution proficiency by providing access to the entire training scope.

Learners can follow a recommended path to competency in the SAP solutions the editions cover by completing individual learning assignments in implementation, development and technology.

Through interactive expert-led social and collaborative spaces, learners can exchange insights and tap into various resources, such as video tutorials. SAP Learning Rooms allow learners to work with SAP experts at every stage of their implementation project.

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Learners can access SAP experts through scheduled and unscheduled sessions. Depending on format, participants are led through course content in a series of steps or are able to participate in informal Q&A events and supportive sessions that cover strategic topics and best practices.

Learners are given access to resources such as e-books, e-learning courses, assessments and quick reference guides to help accelerate adoption.

Subscriptions provide access to the SAP Live Access environment for hands-on experience and practice.

Focusing on one solution area at a time, learners can “walk through” the software – from implementation and configuration, to operation, best practices and uses. Those involved in implementation and deployment can maintain and advance their SAP solution-specific proficiency and take advantage of new software features and functionality to stay current with the latest technology innovation.


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