Moto g5s plus launched in time for Christmas shopping

Motorola Philippines launched – in time for this year’s holiday season – the Moto g5s plus, which has dual 13MP rear cameras.

Motorola Philippines launched – in time for this year’s holiday season – the Moto g5s plus, which has dual 13MP rear cameras.

Dual-camera smartphones are often described using photography jargon such as bokeh. The term originated from the Japanese word boke or boke-aii, which means “haze.” Translated to simpler terms, it refers to blur quality. A bokeh shot is characterized by an out-of-focus light quality that usually separates a blurry background image from the subject. The bokeh blur quality creates an aesthetic effect to highlight the subject of the photograph. It is a popular approach in portrait photography and is particularly gaining popularity now with phone selfies.

The Moto g5s plus is said to make bokeh shots easy with its selective focus mode allowing users to achieve that blurred background effect for bokeh-quality photos.

Moto-G5S-Plus_N_Camera_Modes_Photo_Port_ROW_EN.pngThe Moto g5s plus enhances users’ photography experience with its depth enable mode. This special mode lets users tap on the screen and use the exposure ring to change the focus. The slider on the bottom adjusts the blur effect depending on the desired drama effect for the photo. 

Moto G5S_N_Camera_ProMode_ISO_Land_Global.jpgExposure compensation lets users alter the exposure of an image to make it brighter or darker. This can be done by using photo editing apps such as VSCO and Snapseed or the built-in editing options of Instagram.

The Moto g5s plus has a professional camera mode that lets users adjust various settings such as exposure with ease. This means no need to use outside application to achieve the ideal exposure level for any setting. Users need to simply tap the screen to bring up the focus ring and drag it to the target. If the focus ring turns yellow, it means the object is in focus. Adjusting the exposure can be done by moving the “sun” icon to the optimal position.

The Moto g5s plus also features settings for manual focus, white balance, shutter speed and ISO. In addition, its rear cameras have color balancing dual-LED flash for better photo quality.

The Moto g5s plus has an f/2.0 aperture. This means more light reaches the sensor. The camera can perform better in low-light conditions with its increased shutter speed. This eliminates camera shake and motion blur. 

The smartphone has an 8MP wide-angle front camera with an LED flash and a new panoramic mode.

The Moto g5s plus has 3,000mAh all-day battery. It features an impressive all-metal unibody design and a 5.5-inch full-HD display.­­

The Moto g5s plus, priced at P14,999, will be available in all Motorola retail stores and via Lazada.

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