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Waze routing and navigation features now serve motorcyclists

Since its founding, Waze has been routing automobile drivers, helping them find optimal routes, avoid traffic, get arrival time estimations and more. A few years ago, Waze added the “Taxi” vehicle type to better serve professional drivers who can access roads otherwise restricted to private drivers. Now, Waze is adding a new vehicle type: motorcycle. The new addition comes primarily as a way to ensure that all motorcyclists are able to navigate through roads more safely.


In addition to enjoying the standard suite of Waze benefits, including alerts on police, speed-camera and speed traps, road closures, restrictions and more – motorcycle drivers will also enjoy:

  • Improved routes based on information from fellow motorcyclists
  • Better arrival time estimations that may vary from automobile ETAs
  • Routing on narrow roads where cars are not permitted
  • New Motorcycle cursor for vehicle type; new motorcycle moods available to all Wazers
  • Easy navigation without touching the phone – to ensure a safe ride, all motorcyclists can utilize voice commands so they don’t need to touch the phone while docked/they’re driving.

To turn on routing for motorcycles, visit Settings > Vehicle type and tap “Motorcycles”.

System Requirements: Android & iOS

Expected Public Launch: Nov 29

Location: Global

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Languages: All/

Feature default: Off

The updated app will now enable Wazers to be in a safer riding environment.

Same Waze, now optimized for motorcycles

Drive times, routes and roads are vary between automobiles and motorcycles. By including a new vehicle type, Waze expands its support to include a driving experience unique to motorcycle navigation.

Motorcyclists play an important role in mobility, the world over

Due to their size and agility, motorcycles are an efficient and economical solution for many living in busy urban centers. They are becoming more useful in European cities, where automobiles are barred from accessing narrow roads. Meanwhile, in countries located in the APAC region, motorcycles are a primary transportation vehicle.

Listening to our users, everywhere

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This new feature answers the call made by countless Waze fans, the world over.

A new vehicle type to inform the Waze map

By adding a distinction within vehicle types, and adding motorcycles to the group – data collection will increase in accuracy, and all drivers regardless of car type will benefit.

Best practices for navigation

All Wazers are encouraged to enter their destination as they are stationary in a safe spot before following directions to an end destination.


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