Smart’s ‘TNT Tropang Ready Disaster Preparedness Program’ teaches youth about emergency responses

Posted on Aug 19 2017 - 11:18am by Reynaldo Vicente

Through its TNT Tropang Ready Disaster Preparedness Program, Smart Communications is said to be teaching the youth about best practices in responding to emergencies in times of calamities and disasters as well as managing its impact using the latest technology.

The program educates the youth through presentations and demonstrations on emergency risk reduction and management so they are prepared when disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons strike. This way, Smart said it is spreading information and awareness on how the youth can mobilize their communities in times of emergencies, using their knowledge of the latest technology.

In its latest iteration of the program, Louie Domingo of the Emergency Management Center (EMC), Smart’s partner in its disaster preparedness initiatives, discussed the proper way of responding to emergency situations using the 4Ps of disaster preparedness – Pray, Plan, Prepare, and Practice – as a guide in preparing the youth for any calamities and help save lives.

Domingo reminded that during an earthquake, the youth should assume the duck, cover and hold position while the tremors is ongoing and leading them to safe locations after the shaking stopped. He also claimed that whistle, light, water, and communication tools (mobile phones, Morse SOS sound effect, and Tap Code) are the four most important things one should have during times of calamities, aside from having a survival kit which contains items that are useful to survive the aftermath of a disaster.

Domingo noted that the survival kit should contain items that are essential, lightweight, multi-function, locally available and easy to replenish. He also talked about living in a disaster area using few resources and skills such as aquaponics, rain water harvesting, vertical gardens, and flood water filtering and purification to survive. Apart from these, he relayed that in preparation for the Big One when it comes, communication tools such as mobile phones must be charged and be with you all the time.

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Through TNT, Smart initiated the Tropang Ready Disaster Preparedness Caravan “in recognition of the youth as vital contributors in their communities.” It is an enhancement of Smart’s ongoing series of nationwide trainings which started in 2013, featuring lectures and activities done infotainment style for families, communities and members of the clergy.

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