Unionbank’s EON lets customers log in with their selfie

You can now bank online by just snapping a selfie. Yes, your face can now be your password. 

Customers of EON, a product of UnionBank, may now log in to their account by doing what they’ve always loved to do – posing in front of a smartphone.  Launch the EON app, take a selfie, and you’re in.

EON uses state-of-the-art face recognition technology.  It is the same technology used by the US and other countries in securing borders, immigration, and critical infrastructure.

By adding face recognition, EON attains the gold standard in security, a multi-factor – something you know, something you have, and something you are – authentication process to protect customers from the escalating threats to cybersecurity.

In addition, passwords are easily compromised.  To respond to hacks, banks require customers to use more complex and cumbersome passwords – longer, changing more frequently, and therefore, more likely to be forgotten.  EON spares you from all the hassle because with EON, your face is your password.

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