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Wedge Malware Analyzer launched

Wedge Networks, the leader in real-time network threat prevention, today announced Wedge Malware Analyzer (WedgeMA), a powerful new cloud-based subscription service for analyzing and characterizing suspected malware that is blocked by the Wedge Advanced Malware Blocker (WedgeAMB).

WedgeAMB delivers the industry’s highest accuracy and performance for real-time, inline detection and blocking of both known and new, previously unknown ransomware and other malware. WedgeMA further enriches this capability by executing and characterizing suspected malware and then feeding the results back to WedgeAMB systems globally to further improve malware prevention speed and accuracy for all customers using the platform.

“Malware prevention is job number one but elevating threat intelligence is also critically important,” said James Hamilton, CEO of Wedge Networks, Inc. “Our customers also want to understand the intentions of blocked threats. The addition of WedgeMA to our Wedge Absolute Real-time Protection Series elevates our customer’s threat intelligence and continuously optimizes WedgeAMB’s industry leading speed and accuracy.”

“I began testing WedgeAMB late in 2016”, said Jason Robohm, Cybersecurity Practice Manager and Solutions Architect for Computex Technology Solutions. “WedgeAMB has demonstrated superior threat detection and blocking performance, particularly when tested against new or highly modified variants of advanced malware and Ransomware. The addition of WedgeMA to characterize new, never before encountered malware blocked by WedgeAMB will provide powerful insights into the assets that cybercriminals are targeting and the network vulnerabilities which they intend to exploit.”

WedgeMA provides an optional cloud-based service which allows WedgeAMB customers to automatically forward content which is blocked but not conclusively identified as known malware, to the cloud for behavioral analysis. WedgeMA will automatically execute the content and issue a detailed report which characterizes the intended actions and behaviors of the malware. WedgeMA also identifies false positive verdicts, and clears legitimate applications for use.

WedgeMA automatically accumulates intelligence from both confirmed malware and confirmed false positives and then shares this intelligence with WedgeAMB systems globally to accelerate processing, thereby improving performance and accuracy for all customers using the platform. This automated, patented intelligence feedback loop enables WedgeAMB to continuously learn and improve the protection and security of customer networks.

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