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‘BizCrates’ launched to enable digitalization of MSMEs

Three turn-key solutions—dubbed as SME “BizCrates”—that feature connectivity, cloud, and other relevant services have been launched to drive the development of  the Philippines’ micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) amid the growing disruptive digital culture in business.

The SMB “BizCrates” are being offered under a collaboration between the MSME arm of PLDT, Inc., and tech giant Intel Philippines. The partnership aims to equip entrepreneurs with bundled solutions readily available for them at any stage and form of their business, whether simply online or brick-and-mortar.


“Together with Intel Philippines, we further our efforts in digitally enabling MSMEs in their vision of competing on the global platform with our solutions made specifically for their growth,” said PLDT VP and Head of SME Nation Mitch Locsin. “By being at the forefront of digital innovation, PLDT SME Nation makes the shared vision of driving economic empowerment through innovative technologies a reality.”

The collaboration highlights three turn-key solutions—SME “BizCrates”—that feature connectivity, cloud, and other relevant services from PLDT on top of the latest office hardware from Intel.

The Web Builder Crate offers MSMEs to go beyond traditional operations and social media to increase customer engagement with website-building tools that create a transactional platform to expand market reach.

The POS Crate allows business owners to efficiently automate records of sales and inventory processes with uncomplicated analytics, allotting more time and financial resources to focus on other aspects of business.

The Smarter Conferencing Crate redefines the way teams operate in business with devices that enable easy collaboration and communication.

With SME “BizCrates,” PLDT SME Nation and Intel Philippines allow MSMEs to maximize analytics and intelligently plan forward, driving business automation to enable rapid processes and minimize errors in operations.

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