LG TONE INFINIM headset gets updates

Posted on Jan 2 2016 - 10:34am by Upgrade Staff

LG Electronics (LG) announced that it is updating its LG TONE INFINIM around-the-neck wireless headset with a more contemporary design, better audio quality and enhanced consumer convenience. Consumer availability will start in February.


As an upgraded successor of the HBS-900, the new TONE INFINIM will inherit the previous model’s strengths, such as the wire retractable function and Harmon/Kardon audio quality. The TONE INFINIM will have features and benefits not found on most competing wireless headsets, such as a metallic body and long-lasting battery. With its upgraded Quad-Layer Speaker Technology, the new TONE INFINIM will deliver an audio experience with better balance across all sound ranges and enhances the frequency response ratio for richer bass and crisper high notes. The new TONE INFINIM will also have dual cancelling microphones, allowing users to conduct calls in any environment.

Along with the new HBS-910, LG is updating its free TONE & Talk Android app with two new features — Voice Memo and Find Me — that allow TONE INFINIM customers to record their own voice notes and help locate misplaced smartphones.

For more information, visit www.LG.com.

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  1. Kimberly Harrison June 27, 2017 at 8:15 am - Reply

    My LG HBS900 that costs almost $100.00, is shutting itself off.
    It is not abused and the wires are in great condition when lightly pulled out and retracted. Is there an update for this?

  2. elliot borin July 24, 2017 at 10:16 am - Reply

    I notice they deliberately leave out what version of Bluetooth they are using, the not so very much older models, like the 900, have already been consigned to the dumpster because LG built them around a version of bluetooth (3.0) that was obsolete ling before the headsets in the 900 series were put on the market. This incredible piece of f**k the customer cost cutting means they sre unrecognizable by any guality late model phone in cluding LG’s own g6, g8 and VS 20.

    The glaring omission of the bluetooth version in the above propaganda piece probably means the 910 is also a piece of junk using obsolete firmware. Bit of advice, if you have or planning to acquire a new smartphone do not buy any headset not running bkuetooth 4.2 or higher.

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