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Addasound introduces new range of Crystal wired headsets for call centers

Addasound, a Denmark-based provider of wearable intelligent voice and unified communications devices, has introduced to the Philippine market its new range of Crystal wired headsets designed to meet the audio requirements of contact centers. These Crystal series consist of entry-level 2701and 2702, 2801, 2802, 2821, 2822, SR2821, SR2822, 2851 and 2852.


Crystal Headsets

“This year, we are focused on distributing professional wired headsets that are designed for call centers, providing agents comfort when used for longer period, better quality call and noise-canceling capability for sound clarity in a noisy environment,” said Loren Remo-Aguilar, Country Manager at the Philippine office of Addasound.

The Crystal series of wired headsets offers the Quick Disconnect function which enables quick disconnect as well as keeping calls convenient for agents to leave their seat without removing their headset.

Boast of dual-mics noise and full-duplex echo canceling technologies, these headsets can filter out background noise to provide perfect call conditions, and have a communication without interference.

The series also uses the enhanced voice extraction technology to optimize voice extraction effect, and the wideband audio processing to ensure natural sound transmission.

The Nordic style-designed headsets provide a 180-degree adjustable ear cap and 300-degree bendable boom to fit every custom need of a user. A sweat-proofed headset, all models use two types of ear cushions – light porous foam cushion and soft leatherette cushion.

The Crystal wired series also has 112dB maximum volume control to protect hearing under intensive usage.

Except for Crystal 2851 and 2852 which can be connected to PC only, all other models of headsets can be connected to both desktop phone and PC.

Now available, the Crystal wired headset series is exclusively distributed by Ardent Networks, Inc. (ANI) and Wordtext Systems, Inc. (WSI). The products have more than a thousand resellers. Warranty period is two years from the purchase date of the product.

Aguilar noted that with parts coming from Europe, the Crystal wired headsets are manufactured in China. The company’s research and development center is located in Denmark.

All Crystal wired headsets have passed over 20 reliability or product tests to ensure quality and performance.

Aguilar also announced that by next year, the company will be launching its Pilot Bluetooth headset which won the iF Design Award in Germany, and Crystal Unified Communication series of headsets.

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