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Kokonut Studio re-launching mobile game ‘Sky Hero’ with motion capability

Extreme Reality, the only company to provide 3D motion control on any webcam and platform and Kokonut Studio are proud to announce the relaunching of the popular game Sky Hero on Android, now powered with motion control.

Extreme Reality, the only company to provide 3D motion control on any webcam and platform, and Kokonut Studio announced the relaunching of the game Sky Hero on Android, now powered with motion control.


The integration of Extreme Reality’s technology into Sky Hero will provide users with more playing options. Players will be able to choose from touch, tilt, or the use of their own body to control the game. The addition of motion capability will without a doubt create an extraordinary gaming experience for new and existing Sky Hero players. Skyhero is a free game, available on Google Play.

The purpose of Sky Hero is to help a courageous soldier escape a sneak attack while free falling, dodging between adversaries by tilting or touching the users chosen device. The implementation of Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion SDK adds a new layer to the game by enabling motion possibility, providing users with an engaging way to play Sky Hero through the motion of their bodies. Adding motion capability to Sky Hero allows users to control the “hero” through their hand movements, creating a dynamic and interactive gaming experience.

“We integrated Extreme Reality’s technology in Sky Hero because we wanted to provide our players with a thrilling and interactive way of playing. The use of motion control in Sky Hero is ideal as it allows the players to move the character with the motion of their bodies giving them an entire new gaming experience,” said Gabriel Medina from Kokonut Studio.

With Extreme Reality’s technology integrated into Sky Hero game, a player simply places an Android device on a table with the device’s camera facing the player, takes two steps back, and the motion of their body will be captured and analyzed in real-time, enabling their motion to control the game. Similarly, the device can be tethered to a larger screen, such as a TV, so a player can enjoy the same level of immersive motion control offered by console Systems.

“We’re proud to be a part of the relaunching of Sky Hero. By enabling Kokonut Studio and other developers to offer new motion experiences free of consoles or expensive hardware, Extreme Reality is extending motion controlled games to anyone that owns an Android device, Smartphone or Tablet,” said Osnat Lidor, VP for marketing of Extreme Reality.

Offered as an SDK, Extreme Reality’s Extreme Motion is the only technology to provide full-body, software-based, motion analysis and control to any computing device or operating system via a standard 2D camera. This patented technology allows developers and companies to easily add motion control to their existing games or applications and to create a wide range of new experiences for consumers everywhere.

For more information about Extreme Motion technology, visit the Extreme Reality Developer Zone at http://www.xtr3d.com/developers.

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