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Work Anywhere, Do Everything with Dell Technologies’ new commercial PC portfolio

Dell’s intelligent and secure commercial PC portfolio is now updated with new designs, new collaboration features and new levels of performance.

How and where we work today is different for everyone. Whether it’s hybrid work, remote work, flexible work or in-office work, one thing is fundamentally consistent: technology. It is the great equalizer driving collaboration and productivity, providing new experiences of flexibility and freedom.

While today many can work from anywhere, there are still limitations hindering work experiences. Solving for these challenges sits at the core of Dell’s design philosophy and represents the innovations in its commercial portfolio. It spans from the device to the ecosystem to the software and solutions that bring an elevated sense of connection and collaboration.

Dell’s intelligent and secure commercial PC portfolio is now updated with new designs, new collaboration features and new levels of performance. In addition, Dell has simplified its desktop portfolio, and extended intelligence to the entire PC ecosystem. Throughout it all, the company continues its commitment to sustainability, security, manageability and service offerings that help ensure businesses can meet their goals and free up the day-to-day burden on IT departments.  

Enhancing the device

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From the phones people use to the cars they drive, technology complements their lives in the world. The same can be said about the PCs we use for work. People not only want commercial devices with reliable performance for on-the-go productivity and seamless collaboration, but they also want devices that complement their style and design aesthetic. Meghana Patwardhan, Vice President & and General Manager, Commercial Client Solutions, Dell Technologies breaks down the new offerings.

Latitude. “We’ve poured a ton of innovation and purposeful, detailed design into these devices, which include advanced audio and video collaboration features, sustainable materials and battery-saving mini-LED keyboard technology,” said Patwardhan.

  • Dell’s ultra-premium Latitude 9440 is the world’s most collaborative commercial PC[i]  built with design inspiration from our XPS line. Patwardhan stated, “It is perfect for an executive, consultant or salesperson as it’s equipped with a haptic collaboration touchpad for a more immersive, customizable conferencing experience.” The two-in-one laptop includes machined aluminum finish for a premium look and feel, and a stunning new keyboard with wider keys with no gaps, known as zero-lattice, that makes all day working comfortable.
  • Users can easily pop one of the Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralights in their bag as they move betweenmeetings. “Both start at just under/over one kilogram – they are surprisingly light yet durable,” continued Patwardhan. “We haven’t sacrificed features either. Each has a 16:10 display and 5MP camera for a productive workspace with mobile convenience.”

Precision. Creators, designers, engineers and other specialized power users have their own demands. They prioritize performance and graphics capabilities to run graphic intensive applications and software, while in the office, studio or on the move. “We’re delivering new enhancements across our Precision mobile and fixed workstations – including the latest 13th Gen Intel® Core™ processors and NVIDIA RTX Ada Generation Laptop GPUs – to meet these needs,” said Patwardhan.

Last year, Dell introduced a 14-inch workstation that delivered unrivaled power. This year the Precision 5480 features performance improvements from processor to graphics card and beyond. “But it doesn’t stop there – we’ve added a 16-inch mobile workstation to our 5000 Series line-up,” added Patwardhan. “The Precision 5680 has a small 16-inch footprint but packs an amazing punch, with up to Intel® Core™ i9 (45W), and up to 64GB of DDR5 memory with the NVIDIA RTX 5000 Ada graphics Generation Laptop GPU.” It offers even more power and immersive experiences with the 16:10 display and up to UHD+ with PremierColor in a stylish, lightweight package.

OptiPlex: Three decades of continuous desktop innovation has led Dell to a new OptiPlex portfolio. “We’ve listened to customer feedback and it’s now easier than ever to configure, purchase and manage,” stated Patwardhan. “We’ve simplified the portfolio so customers can quickly identify the system based on workspace and performance needs.” Customers can select between space-conscious designs and minimalist desk set-ups with a range of performance options or prioritize the expandability and performance of a desktop tower. Dell also made the portfolio more intelligent and easier for IT admins to manage multiple or even thousands of devices with a new single BIOS setup, freeing up valuable IT time. The OptiPlex All-in-One, that features comfort and style in a sleek design and comes with built-in collaboration, security and privacy features.

A branching ecosystem

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A modern work setup also requires software solutions around the PC so that people can efficiently maximize their productivity.

  • “We can’t overlook software. We are adding to Dell Optimizer’s existing features, such as intelligent audio, privacy, connectivity and collaboration that learn and respond to the way one’s works,” said Patwardhan. “Our customers told us the fewer applications to pull up and sift through, the better. That’s why our latest version of Dell Optimizer extends intelligence from the PC to the rest of its ecosystem.” This upgrade would allow Dell customers to manage their displays and peripherals more easily in one interface. The company is also improving the intelligent audio capabilities on its PCs. The echo canceling feature cancels out distracting echoes for everyone on a call, and voice quality monitoring notifies call participants with a pop-up when their voice quality is poor.

Catered to IT and beyond

Dell customers consistently focus on how Dell can help them reach their sustainability goals, enable secure hybrid work amidst growing cyberattack threats, and simplify and reduce the burden on overwhelmed IT departments. Dell Technologies latest research reveals that 45% of ITDMs don’t have peace of mind their people can securely work from anywhere.[ii] “We are constantly looking at ways to modernize and meet our customers in these crucial areas,” emphasized Patwardhan.

  • Sustainability: Dell continues to innovate and invest in sustainable design across its products and packaging. The company is expanding the use of low-carbon emissions aluminum to include more recycled content and extending this material to more of its portfolio, including the Latitude 9440, and Precision 5680, and to the Latitude 7000 series later this year. It increased the percentage of post-consumer recycled materials to reduce the environmental impact further in its most sustainable Latitude laptop series,[iii] [iv] its Precision 3000 Series workstations[v] and its latest commercial monitors.[vi] Plus, “Quiet Mode” within the thermal management settings of Dell Optimizer can provide up to 18% in power savings.[vii]
  • Security and manageability: Focused on delivering the industry’s most secure commercial PCs[viii] and creating a trusted workspace with hardware and software protections, Dell’s recent security news highlights new services and solutions. This includes a collaboration with CrowdStrike, a hardware supply chain security offering and managed detection and response services to help customers handle security threats. Dell is also making its devices as easy as possible to manage, deploy and use. 
  • Data and device management: Dell’s latest commercial devices are compatible with its Cloud Client Workspace software. IT admins can seamlessly and securely integrate PCs into their VDI environment and manage their fleet of devices more easily.

Availability and pricing

  • Latitude 9440 is available in the coming months.
  • Latitude 7340/7440 Ultralight, 7340/7440/7640 and Latitude 5340/5440/5540 are all available today.
  • Precision 3000 Series mobile workstations are available today.
  • Precision 5480 is available on April 20.
  • Precision 5680 is available on May 18.
  • Precision 5860 Tower is available on April 11.
  • Precision 7000 Series mobile workstations are available today.
  • Precision 7960 Rack and Tower are available on April 11 and 18, respectively.

For local availability and pricing, please contact local Dell sales representatives.

[i] Based on Dell Analysis, October 2022.

[ii] Dell Technologies Innovation Index, February 2023.

[iii] Based on Dell internal analysis, January 2023.

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[iv] Our new Latitude 5000 series is our highest-volume PC.

[v] The new Precision 3000 series (3480, 3580, 3581) are designed with the world’s greatest variety and most innovative use of sustainable materials, featuring components made with recycled plastics, recycled carbon fiber, renewable materials, ocean bound plastics and recycled copper. Based on internal analysis, January 2023.

[vi] Commercial monitors contain up to 85% PCR plastics and 90% recycled aluminum, an increase from before. Up to 85% PCR applicable to: Percentage is of total plastic weight in product. Based on internal analysis, October 2022. Applicable to all new commercial monitors (U, P, C series starting CY2021) and E series (starting CY2022)). Up to 90% aluminum applicable to: Based on internal analysis, October 2022. Applicable to all new Ultrasharp (excluding U2723QE/QX, U3023E) P and C series launching from CY2022.

[vii] This is based on a Dell internal study, testing power and performance within our Dell Optimizer power module. White paper published November 2022.

[viii] Based on Dell internal analysis, September 2022. Not all features available with all PCs. Additional purchase required for some features.

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