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Top 10 items to include in your little man’s wardrobe

Here are some of the essentials that should never miss in your little man’s wardrobe or nursery.

Anyone without a baby may find it a little hard to understand why someone so small may need a closet full of clothes. Surprisingly, the smaller the wearer, the more the clothes and accessories required! You may think that your baby boy won’t need as much as a baby girl, but if you are looking to keep your baby comfortable and safe, you are in for a shocker.

Here are some of the essentials that should never miss in your little man’s wardrobe or nursery.


If you like putting shoes or boots on your baby, then you should consider sticking his closet with a couple of pairs of socks. These not only help to keep him warmer but also prevent blisters and bruises that may be caused by excessive movement, especially if the baby is learning how to walk.

If the baby is not wearing shoes, socks are still a great accessory that will help protect their delicate feet from cold and injuries. They can be matched well to create a fun and stylish look on the baby. Here’s a fun trick: dress your baby in a funky onesie and put on some socks to match their hat. They will look like tiny boots and are guaranteed to give a charming look.


Hats are indisposable for a baby boy. They are particularly useful in cold weather. They help to keep the baby warm while adding a stylish look to their outfit.

The top and back of a newborn’s head are not fully developed at birth. It is called a fontanelle is very delicate since it makes the baby’s brain more vulnerable to injury under the soft skin covering it. To protect it, you can consider getting a soft har that doesn’t put too much pressure on the baby’s head. This way, the fontanelle is cushioned whenever the baby is lying down or being held.

Hats go well with most baby boy outfits and come in handy, mostly when the baby has just learned how to walk. You can put a stylish cap on them and take them for a walk down the park without fearing that they will be too exposed to the sun.


Toys are essential and not just for play – they help the baby develop crucial skills that are important in their growth and general development. There are different types of toys out there, and it is up ton you to choose the best for your baby.

Some toys are educative and encourage the baby to learn new words, colors, shapes, items and sounds. Others help them strengthen and master gross and fine motor skills which are crucial indicators of the progress of their growth. 

Others help them with brain development so they can think faster, process information more accurately and make their decisions. They help develop independence and creativity. Other toys help them develop social skills such as sharing and cooperation, which allows them to interact with other children and adults away from home. With this in mind, make sure to choose your baby boy’s toys carefully. 

Bedtime Story Books

You may want to develop a bedtime story culture with your baby. Babies like being read to and more so if it done by someone they are really close to, like their mum or dad. Stories help them learn new words and expressions, get familiar with emotions, recognize pictures and connect them better to real-life items. Better still, it strengthens the bond with your son and helps them develop a better sense of security around you which helps them sleep better.

It is helpful if the storybooks include a lot of imagery with plenty of colours so you can show your baby as they sleep. Some even have pop-up figures, and others come with cutouts so you can engage the baby more during storytime.


While most parents will go for diapers, it has become a widespread concern that those could affect the fertility of your baby boy. Scientists think that the testicles are purposely positioned outside the body of the male where they maintain temperatures lower than that of the body. The sperms are very sensitive to temperature, and the slightest changes may put them in danger of being infertile.

Diapers can potentially gather a lot of heat between changes. The baby’s scrotum, which houses the testicles, may be continuously exposed to this heat, a notion which has begun raising concerns of infertility among parents.

While these claims are still under research, it would be advisable to use nappies or cloths that are sufficiently aerated for temperature control. They will not only save you money (diapers are disposable while nappies can easily be cleaned and reused) but may also help protect the fertility of your baby.

Cool kicks

Shoes are an essential aspect of every outfit, even that of a baby. Make sure that you don’t get the plain ‘ol baby shoes. Make a point of getting your little one some power kicks that will catch the attention of everyone. Think of name brands like some Yeezys or Nikes or Adidas or even Vans for the short skater. Feel free to ask your husband, partner or male friends or family for suggestions on those. Don’t spend too much on these though – the baby will outgrow them sooner than you can say Puma.

In conclusion, babies don’t really have much difference when it comes to their outfits and dressing options. Unisex baby clothing work just fine, but you can choose to be exclusive on your baby boy and add some style to their closet. These are some things you should check to make sure are in their wardrobe, and the list is certainly not exhaustive. Above all, watch for their safety and comfort when choosing closet items.

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