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Top tech tips for new business owners

There’s good news for owners in the form of technology that is both inexpensive (or free) and quite helpful. What are your options? Here are the best of the best for 2020.

If you just opened the doors to a new business venture, you’re probably inundated with suggestions, email ads, and other kinds of input about how to get the job done.

There’s good news for owners in the form of technology that is both inexpensive (or free) and quite helpful. What are your options? Here are the best of the best for 2020.

Low or Zero Cost Tax Software

The tax prep industry has been growing faster than ever, which is a plus for anyone who owns their own micro-company or small enterprise. As CEO and founder of your own entity, you need to get a handle on taxes from day-one, and that’s where free software comes in. You can opt for paid versions too, but just be sure to test-drive any package before you decide it’s a best fit for you and your organization.

Also check that you’re getting a business version and not just a personal income tax program, app, or full-scale package. For your first few years, avoid any taxation programs that operate in the cloud. The security risk is just too high.

Outsourcing to Find Local Interns

There are several good candidate search software products that scour the net for local internship-seekers. This is an ideal way to locate low-cost talent and is a win-win for your company and the student. You already know the value of giving relevant experience to college students if you have any older kids of your own.

In fact, one of the most helpful things you can do for a college-bound child is co-sign on a private student loan. Not only is acting as a co-signer a great way to help them gain approval, but you’ll also be giving your son or daughter access to competitive interest rates, reasonable repayment terms, and the chance to cover all major school expenses in one loan package.

Entrepreneur All-in-One Products

Be careful when shopping for all-in-one software packages. There’s a lot of deceit in the marketplace and a majority of such offerings are way over-priced.

However, there are a few that come with low price-tags, enough bells and whistles to get you up and running, and other features that make them worthwhile. Don’t bother unless the seller is willing to give you a no-cost test period of a week or more. If you plan to spend several hundred bucks on an all-in-one, be certain you’re getting good value for your money.

Freelance IT Crews

Unless you possess massive IT skills of your own, consider outsourcing the entire tech function, from setting up enterprise systems and programs to security tweaking.

You can hire competent freelancers in this field for a very low hourly rate, which is ideal for entrepreneurs who are on a budget and just want to pay for the amount of help they need.

Retired Technology Consultants

For big-picture assistance with chores like developing a long-term plan or setting up work-flow systems, think about finding a local retired consultant who offers by the hour advice.

Having one of these folks visit your office for a half-day session can do wonders for your overall strategic plan, day-to-day operations, and other key aspects of building a successful company.

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