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Best video chat apps

In between your work and social life, it can be hard to stay connected with your loved ones when they live far away. Fortunately, video calling apps are an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones face-to-face without having to travel to be together in person

In between your work and social life, it can be hard to stay connected with your loved ones when they live far away. Fortunately, video calling apps are an excellent way to spend time with your loved ones face-to-face without having to travel to be together in person. Even better, a great video chat app can help you stay in touch with your business partners and boss, especially during the ongoing social distancing practice.

Here’s a list of the five best video chat apps that you can install on your phone or computer while you enjoy the casino Hollywood in PA bonus offers. Their promo code offers a substantial no deposit bonus and very attractive match-up offers.

Top Five Video Chat Apps to Download

Best Overall: Zoom

Zoom is among the popular video chat apps used for work conferences, online classes, and virtual get-togethers. The app works great on both mobile and desktop devices, giving you options to see the whole group or just the person you’re talking with. Additionally, hosts can organize webinars where they control the audio and video output.

This video chat app is free to use on android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices, though there is a 40-minute limit for more than two users. Fortunately, their pricing plans allow you to host up to 100 users at any particular moment.

Best for Android Devices: Google Duo

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As one of Google’s newest apps, Google Duo is the perfect solution for making video calls from your android phone to iPhone users. The app is also ideal when communicating with other android users and it comes with an innovative feature known as “Knock Knock.” This feature gives you a preview of the person on the other end, helping you to know who’s calling before picking up the call. 

Best for iPhones: Facetime

Most iPhone users are familiar with Facetime, which comes as an inbuilt chatting app on Apple devices. The app is easy to use, allowing you to make a call from your group texts or while in the middle of another voice call. However, Facetime only works with Apple devices, though it can connect a maximum of 32 users.

For International Calls: WhatsApp

When it comes to making international calls and sending messages, WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app in the world. You can use the app to make video and voice calls, though you can only connect to four users at a time.

Whatsapp calls are charged on your mobile phone’s data plan or through the Wi-Fi, meaning you don’t get to spend your minutes. Additionally, the app is readily available to smartphone users, making it the best choice for calling and messaging your loved ones from anywhere in the globe.

Best for Work: Skype

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While there are thousands of video chatting apps with impressive features out there, Skype reigns supreme when it comes to professional calls. It’s video chats can accommodate a maximum of 50 users, while accommodating real-time translation and screen sharing features. Even better, it’s easy to sign up and start using the app on your phone or desktop using a Microsoft account. 

Best for Dating:

Wait a second. This is different than all the other options on the list. This is an Australian dating site with free chat categories. And the list is about video chat apps.

What’s going on here?

You see, things become a bit complicated when it comes to dating. People don’t want to immediately hop on a video call with strangers. They like to chat with that person and see if they are someone they could have a fun time with.

For women, there’s the question of security. They are cautious who they have a video chat with because the last thing they want with online dating, is a stalker who does not take a rejection very well.

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