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TNT now lets you share more with the new TNT Panalo Data

TNT now lets you share more with the new TNT Panalo Data, which comes with 500MB data plus Facebook up to 200MB per day, valid for two days for only Php30. 

With TNT Panalo Data, you get 500MB data, which is more than enough to connect with your tropa via top chat apps such as Messenger, Telegram, Viber and WhatsApp, and keep up with the latest conversations in your group.

You may also use your 500MB data to sign in to your favorite social media apps, such as Instagram and Twitter, and get looped in with everyone’s latest posts, stories, and musings.

Moreover, TNT Panalo Data gives you access to Facebook, the world’s largest social network, so you can check the latest viral posts and trending topics your tropa is crazy about, and keep track of their must-not-miss updates.

To register, simply text PDATA30 to 4545.

Switch to TNT LTE SIM for FREE without changing your number

TNT’s latest data offer is powered by Smart’s newest and fastest LTE network, allowing you to enjoy fast and reliable connectivity for your favorite online activities.

To make the most of this ultrafast LTE connectivity, make sure you avail of the new TNT LTE SIM and slot it in your LTE-ready smartphone, or head to the nearest Smart Store to swap your old TNT 3G SIM with the new TNT LTE SIM for FREE, without changing your number.

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