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Panasonic launches new 3D projection mapping technology

Some of the features of Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 Series include a high-power UHM quad-lamp system that allows Panasonic to reduce cabinet volume and weight while projecting images with up to a 20,000 lumens of brightness.

Panasonic introduced its latest 3D projection mapping technology. Some of the features of Panasonic PT-DZ21K2 Series include a high-power UHM quad-lamp system that allows Panasonic to reduce cabinet volume and weight while projecting images with up to a 20,000 lumens of brightness.


Panasonic’s Dynamic Iris uses a scene-linking aperture mechanism to achieve a 10,000:1 contrast without sacrificing brightness. This helps to reproduce deeper, richer blacks, and provides images with more textured and realistic details. The Detail Clarity Processor 5 analyzes each individual image frame by frame to clarify areas containing fine details and textures. A new processing algorithm pulls hidden information from the super high, high, medium, and low frequency bands, sharpening outlines, correcting contours, and reducing ringing noise to improve the sense of resolution and clarity of details.

Together with a high-speed Real Motion Processer chip, Panasonic refined the PT-DZ21K2 Series’ optical engine to enhance focus performance for a better sense of resolution, contrast, and fluidity. Real Motion Processor creates supplemental frames and interpolates for a 120 Hz frame-rate, resulting in smooth and realistic reproduction of motion.

The System Daylight View 3, meanwhile, optimizes image quality to improve color perception of images projected onto external or internal walls and other surfaces or in environments with bright ambient light. With high brightness of up to 20,000 lumens, the PT-DZ21K2 Series delivers clear and comfortable viewing even with the lights on.

Multi-Screen Support System connects multiple screens, capable of incredible edge blending, color matching, and digital image enlarging. Panasonic boasts of optional upgrade kit for much more large setups demanded by high-profile concerts and events.

The new Geometry Manager Pro software, for instance, supports color matching, edge blending, uniformity correction, and other functions for multi-projector setups up to a maximum of 64 units. It also enables creative masking using four lines or bitmap data.

The Multi Monitoring and Control Software lets users control and monitor multiple projectors at the same time over wired LAN. If a problem occurs, an alert is sent to the monitoring/controlling PC. Terminal panel is LED illuminated and control panel buttons backlit for easy operation in the dark.

The Backup Input Setting allows the signal to be switched to the backup input signal as smoothly as possible should the primary input signal be disrupted. This function ensures reliability and is ideal for mission-critical control rooms, projection mapping, staging, and other applications where image display should not be interrupted.

PT-DZ21K2 Series is compatible with Art-Net DMX protocol for lighting management. Art-Net compatibility lets you connect the projector to a lighting console and operate functions such as shutter on/off, input change, power on/off, et cetera, together with the light control.

The Multi-Unit Brightness Control automatically corrects brightness fluctuations that occur over time in individual projectors in a multi-screen system. Up to eight projectors connected by a hub can be controlled increasing to a maximum of 2,048 projectors with Multi Monitoring and Control Software.

Panasonic’s new 3D projector mapping product is low maintenance and eco-friendly. It has a quad-lamp system that allows the projector to keep working even if a lamp, which can be replaced from the rear, should fail. A newly designed liquid cooling system directly cools the DLP chips to stabilize performance in temperatures of up to 45 °C (113 °F) while producing just 46 dB of noise. It also reduces body bulk and weight, and as the system is hermetically sealed, the cooling liquid does not require replenishment.

The Eco Filter has an electrostatic Micro Cut Filter that collects minute dust particles with an ion effect. It combines with a dust-resistant cabinet to enable long-term use. A long maintenance cycle of up to 12,000 hours reduces hassle, and the eco-friendly washable filter can be reused, reducing cost and waste.

For a free 3D mapping demonstration, call Panasonic Philippines at +632-635-2260 local 6230 or email snc@ph.panasonic.com.

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